Respect Life Resources

“Defending and protecting every human life - from the newly conceived embryo in the womb to the suffering elder in hospice - and everyone in between"

Our Mission:

Respect Life Resources Denver Catholic CharitiesRespect Life Resources champions Church teaching regarding the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

  • Provide consultation to and collaboration with parishes, educational and health institutions;
  • Train pastoral leaders on all life issues;
  • Serve as a resource and referral network for specific inquiries;
  • Introduce prolife issues into catechetical forums for adults;
  • Provide a referral network for individuals seeking assistance in addressing specialized issues within the prolife spectrum;
  • Serve as a resource for individuals and groups seeking information on church documents, teaching, and related literature

Contact Us:

Lynn Grandon, Program Director
4045 Pecos Street
Denver, CO 80211
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