When In Rome: "Before we depart..."

on Tuesday, 22 April 2014.

When In Rome:

Following Catholic Charities staff member Lynn Grandon as she travels to Rome, Italy for the April 27 canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII.

Lynn and her husband are leading a group of approximately 30 pilgrims from throughout the United States in a whirlwind itinerary.

Beyond the April 27 ceremonies, their group will explore the sights and sounds of Rome and Vatican City.

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"Before we depart..."

Hello! My name is Lynn.

As a staff member for Catholic Charities, I oversee our Respect Life Resources Office, as well as our Lighthouse Women's Center in Denver.

I also serve as the Archbishop's Healthcare Liaison and on the Board of Directors for Divine Mercy Supportive Care.

Beyond those hats, I'm a wife, mom of 6 children, convert to the Catholic Church - and a professional musician. So, this blog may take a number of fun twists and turns as I observe everything happening around me!

My husband and I will be traveling with approximately 30 people from different parts of the U.S.. Some of these pilgrims have never been abroad before. But they are all deeply excited to be a part of this historic occasion as we honor two of our Church's most incredible and courageous popes!

Personally, the writings of Pope John Paul II (whom I'll affectionately refer to as "JP2" from here on out) left me dumbstruck, particularly his Theology of the Body.

After spending the greater part of my life immersed in the medical care field, I had never, for one second, considered many of the points he had made in the first few pages of that masterpiece. I can guarantee that this realm of thought will most certainly be mentioned as we travel together!

What must be said at the very beginning of this journey is that I have now learned that to be truly joyful and fulfilled, we must give of ourselves to others - when we feel like it, and when we don't.

For certain, this mentality is completely opposite to the cultural attitudes in America right now. Instead, America says: "You deserve...[fill in the blank]" and "What's in it for ME??," etc, etc...

As co-leader of our group of pilgrims, I will be constantly looking for ways to be of service and a blessing to others.

In solidarity with these two incredible soon-to-be saints, my traveling mantra will be:
      "May we be a Light and a Witness to all we encounter!"




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