Senior receives help to keep her electricity on

on Tuesday, 12 November 2013.

Senior receives help to keep her electricity on

Kathy slowly opened the front door to Catholic Charities office in Fort Collins and proceeded to hobble in with her head down. She felt embarrassed that she allowed her electric bill outstanding balance to get so high. However, Kathy forced herself to reach out to us for help knowing that the alternative would be unbearable this upcoming winter. 

During her appointment, 63-year-old Kathy shared the difficulties of supporting her younger, disabled sister and herself on a monthly income of $700.00. Kathy “always made it work” but after her knee replacement her medical bills pushed her beyond her means. She sold and pawned her furniture and electronics but sadly it was not enough.

Her case manager compassionately consoled her and listened to her without judgment. Towards the end of the appointment our case manager was thrilled to share with Kathy that Catholic Charities would pay her due balance of $600.00. As Kathy heard the good news she lost her composure, she sobbed as relief filled her mind for the first time in months.

With our help, Kathy was able to keep her electricity on for her and her sister. Through our Emergency Assistance program, Catholic Charities provides 2,185 families and individuals like Kathy with utility assistance so that they could keep their electricity, gas and water on. In addition, we have provided rent/mortgage assistance to 342 households so that they could stay in their homes each year.

If you are interest in supporting this critical homeless prevention program, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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