We provide more than legal services to immigrants.

We preserve and reunite families. We provide access and opportunity.

We provide assistance for those with valid legal claims to status in the U.S. In doing so, we contribute to a more just and humane society by providing equitable access to legal services, fostering and preserving the family structure through family reunification, and promoting self-esteem through acquisition of legal status.

We provide legal advice, assistance and representation

  • Family Visa Processing
  • Naturalization/Citizenship
  • U Visas/VAWA
  • Deportation Defense
  • Deferred Action for Youth/DACA

We educate the community on immigration issues

  • Legal Aid Clinic Nights
  • Free community trainings on immigration law and the unauthorized practice of law
  • Outreach services and educational materials

We provide quality service across Colorado and Wyoming

Catholic Charities has provided assistance to low-income and indigent immigrants throughout Colorado since 1974. Our bilingual staff represent over 25 years of experience in immigration law.

To ensure equal access to our services, by both urban and rural immigrant communities, we maintain offices in Denver, Glenwood Springs and Greeley.

Need Help?

Do you have questions about:

  • Your immigration status?
  • Becoming a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States?
  • Becoming a Citizen of the United States?

Do you need:

  • Legal advice about an immigration concern?
  • Legal representation in an immigration matter?
  • Assistance with immigration applications?


Consultations are offered on walk in basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. at the Denver location and by appointment only in Greeley and Glenwood Springs.

Our Locations:

Denver Metro Area
(303) 742-4971
Consultation Fee: $35
4045 Pecos St.
Denver, Colorado 80211

Northern Colorado (Office in Greeley)
(303) 742-4971
Consultation Fee: $50
Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.

Summit County (Office in Frisco)
(303) 742-4971
Consultation Fee: $35
Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.

Western Slope (Office in Glenwood Springs)
(970) 945-9562
Consultation Fee: $50
Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.


Please note:  Legal advice cannot be provided regarding inquiries from this website. Please refer to the information regarding our consultation services, as noted above.

Servicios de inmigración de Caridades Católicas

Proveemos mucho más que servicios legales a inmigrantes

Preservamos y reunimos familias. Proveemos acceso y oportunidad.

En los servicios de inmigración de Caridades Católicas, les proveemos asistencia a aquellos que tienen reclamos legales válidos para cambiar su estatus migratorio en Estados Unidos. Con ello, contribuimos a una sociedad más justa y más humana a través del ofrecimiento de acceso igualitario a servicios legales, la fomentación y preservación de la estructura familiar a través de la reunificación de familias, y la promoción de la autoestima al adquirir un estatus legal.   

Proveemos consejería, asistencia y representación legal

  • Proceso de visa familiar
  • Naturalización/Ciudadanía
  • Visas U/VAWA
  • Defensa ante una deportación
  • Acción diferida para jóvenes/DACA

Educamos a la comunidad sobre temas de inmigración

  • Noches de clínicas legales
  • Capacitación gratuita sobre leyes de inmigración y las maneras no autorizadas de ejercer el Derecho
  • Servicios de alcance comunitario y materiales educativos

Proveemos servicios de calidad por todo Colorado y Wyoming

Caridades Católicas ha brindado ayuda a inmigrantes de bajos recursos o indigentes por todo el estado de Colorado desde 1974. Nuestro personal bilingüe cuenta con más de 25 años de experiencia en leyes de inmigración.

Para asegurar acceso igualitario a nuestros servicios para ambas comunidades inmigrantes, la rural y la urbana, contamos con oficinas en Denver, Glenwood Springs y Greeley.

¿Necesita ayuda?

¿Tiene preguntas sobre:

  • Su estado migratorio
  • Cómo convertirse en un residente legal permanente de los Estados Unidos
  • Cómo convertirse en ciudadano de este país


  • Consejo legal sobre una cuestión de inmigración
  • Representación legal en un asunto de inmigración
  • Ayuda con sus solicitudes o papeleo de inmigración


Las consultas se ofrecen conforme la gente llega, los martes y jueves a las 9 a.m. o a la 1 p.m. en la oficina de Denver, y solo por cita en las oficinas de Greeley y Glenwood Springs.

Nuestras oficinas:

Área Metropolitana de Denver
(303) 742-4971
Costo por consulta: $35
4045 Pecos St.
Denver, Colorado 80211

Norte de Colorado (Oficina en Greeley)
(303) 742-4971
Costo por consulta: $50
Las consultas se ofrecen solo por cita. Favor de llamar para programar su cita.

Western Slope (Oficina en Glenwood Springs) 
(970) 945-9562
Costo por consulta: $50
Las consultas se ofrecen solo por cita. Favor de llamar para programar su cita.

Nota: No se puede ofrecer consejo legal a partir de preguntas hechas en esta página web. Favor de referirse a la información sobre nuestros servicios de consejería antes mencionados.

Deferred Action Client Spotlight

In 2012 a temporary program for young immigrants called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was initiated. Since then nearly 700,000 immigrant youth have applied for DACA, and while many still await their decisions, roughly 97% of the applications have been approved. More than 600,000 have since been able to receive temporary legal status in the United States which offers a reprieve from deportations through this renewable program.

DACA has had an immense impact on the lives of these young people. A recent survey of 1,400 DACA-approved persons conducted by United We Dream shows that DACA is an immigration success story, having improved not only their social and economic conditions, but also their sense of belonging to the only country they can call “home.”

Colorado has the 10th highest participation rate, with the majority of the applicants hailing from the Denver Metro Area. Since the program began, we have seen many of our initial applicants returning through our doors seeking assistance with the filing of their renewals and in speaking with each individual applicant, it has become clear that DACA really has created positive change in many of their lives.

We have been so impressed with so many of our clients that we wanted to share their stories. Each month we will be spotlighting one or two of our client(s) who are shining examples of the intended purposes of this program and we encourage you to check back regularly.


Lirio Palmer

Lirio first came to Catholic Charities Immigration Lirio-Palmerin November of 2013 seeking assistance in her first Deferred Action application and in just three short months she received her approval. Lirio is a senior at Manual High School, and is concurrently enrolled at Community College of Denver where she is already starting to work on the general requisites for her degree. She will be graduating from Manual in 2016 and hopes that she will be able to continue her schooling towards a Bachelor’s in Nursing, with a focus on midwifery. She knows that going to college is a huge financial undertaking and has been very proactive in searching and applying for college scholarships so as to lessen the economic impact on her family. Lirio is obviously very committed to her future and devotes her time not only to her studies but also to JROTC, playing soccer, participating in bible study and reading club, hanging out with friends and nannying. We are so proud that Lirio has taken the initiative to harness all the opportunity that comes from the DACA program. We wish her the best as she graduates from Manual High School next Spring and continues along her career path.


Luis Calderon-Villa

Luis is a graduate from East High School image003that plans on getting his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and hopefully landing a career within that field once he’s finished with his schooling. Before graduating, Luis was awarded with the DSF scholarship for students with exceptional grades, as well as the East High’s Class of 1972 Scholarship which is given to students who will be attending in-state colleges. While in school, Luis also works 25 hours a week at the Pilot Travel Center. When he’s not studying or working, Luis enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, soccer and of course, computer-programming.

He first came to us in 2012, applying for DACA for the very first time and after two seemingly-short years, came back through our doors seeking assistance with his renewal application so that he could continue to support himself and pay for his college education. In looking back on the past two years, Luis is grateful to have been afforded the chance to continue his education. DACA has enriched Luis’ life and he is beyond thankful for the opportunity to be able to renew his permit for the next two years. We hope that these next two years bring the opportunity that Luis seeks and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.