We provide more than legal services to immigrants.

We preserve and reunite families. We provide access and opportunity.

We provide assistance for those with valid legal claims to status in the U.S. In doing so, we contribute to a more just and humane society by providing equitable access to legal services, fostering and preserving the family structure through family reunification, and promoting self-esteem through acquisition of legal status.

We provide legal advice, assistance and representation

  • Family Visa Processing
  • Naturalization/Citizenship
  • U Visas/VAWA
  • Deportation Defense
  • Deferred Action for Youth/DACA

We educate the community on immigration issues

  • Legal Aid Clinic Nights
  • Free community trainings on immigration law and the unauthorized practice of law
  • Outreach services and educational materials

We provide quality service across Colorado and Wyoming

Catholic Charities has provided assistance to low-income and indigent immigrants throughout Colorado since 1974. Our bilingual staff represent over 25 years of experience in immigration law.

To ensure equal access to our services, by both urban and rural immigrant communities, we maintain offices in Denver, Glenwood Springs and Greeley.

Need Help?

Do you have questions about:

  • Your immigration status?
  • Becoming a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States?
  • Becoming a Citizen of the United States?

Do you need:

  • Legal advice about an immigration concern?
  • Legal representation in an immigration matter?
  • Assistance with immigration applications?


Consultations are offered on walk in basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. at the Denver location and by appointment only in Greeley and Glenwood Springs.

Our Locations:

Denver Metro Area
(303) 742-4971
Consultation Fee: $35
4045 Pecos St.
Denver, Colorado 80211

Northern Colorado (Office in Greeley)
(303) 742-4971
Consultation Fee: $50
Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.

Summit County (Office in Frisco)
(303) 742-4971
Consultation Fee: $35
Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.

Western Slope (Office in Glenwood Springs)
(970) 945-9562
Consultation Fee: $50
Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.


Please note:  Legal advice cannot be provided regarding inquiries from this website. Please refer to the information regarding our consultation services, as noted above.

Servicios de inmigración de Caridades Católicas

Proveemos mucho más que servicios legales a inmigrantes

Preservamos y reunimos familias. Proveemos acceso y oportunidad.

En los servicios de inmigración de Caridades Católicas, les proveemos asistencia a aquellos que tienen reclamos legales válidos para cambiar su estatus migratorio en Estados Unidos. Con ello, contribuimos a una sociedad más justa y más humana a través del ofrecimiento de acceso igualitario a servicios legales, la fomentación y preservación de la estructura familiar a través de la reunificación de familias, y la promoción de la autoestima al adquirir un estatus legal.   

Proveemos consejería, asistencia y representación legal

  • Proceso de visa familiar
  • Naturalización/Ciudadanía
  • Visas U/VAWA
  • Defensa ante una deportación
  • Acción diferida para jóvenes/DACA

Educamos a la comunidad sobre temas de inmigración

  • Noches de clínicas legales
  • Capacitación gratuita sobre leyes de inmigración y las maneras no autorizadas de ejercer el Derecho
  • Servicios de alcance comunitario y materiales educativos

Proveemos servicios de calidad por todo Colorado y Wyoming

Caridades Católicas ha brindado ayuda a inmigrantes de bajos recursos o indigentes por todo el estado de Colorado desde 1974. Nuestro personal bilingüe cuenta con más de 25 años de experiencia en leyes de inmigración.

Para asegurar acceso igualitario a nuestros servicios para ambas comunidades inmigrantes, la rural y la urbana, contamos con oficinas en Denver, Glenwood Springs y Greeley.

¿Necesita ayuda?

¿Tiene preguntas sobre:

  • Su estado migratorio
  • Cómo convertirse en un residente legal permanente de los Estados Unidos
  • Cómo convertirse en ciudadano de este país


  • Consejo legal sobre una cuestión de inmigración
  • Representación legal en un asunto de inmigración
  • Ayuda con sus solicitudes o papeleo de inmigración


Las consultas se ofrecen conforme la gente llega, los martes y jueves a las 9 a.m. o a la 1 p.m. en la oficina de Denver, y solo por cita en las oficinas de Greeley y Glenwood Springs.

Nuestras oficinas:

Área Metropolitana de Denver
(303) 742-4971
Costo por consulta: $35
4045 Pecos St.
Denver, Colorado 80211

Norte de Colorado (Oficina en Greeley)
(303) 742-4971
Costo por consulta: $50
Las consultas se ofrecen solo por cita. Favor de llamar para programar su cita.

Western Slope (Oficina en Glenwood Springs) 
(970) 945-9562
Costo por consulta: $50
Las consultas se ofrecen solo por cita. Favor de llamar para programar su cita.

Nota: No se puede ofrecer consejo legal a partir de preguntas hechas en esta página web. Favor de referirse a la información sobre nuestros servicios de consejería antes mencionados.

Catholic Charities Immigration Services of Denver assists family to reunite after 18 years of waiting.

Eladia Magnison first came to our office in September of 2014 clutching a long-awaited notice from the Department of State in her brother’s immigration case which she began 18 years ago. At long last, a visa had finally become available in one of the most back-logged categories on the visa bulletin. The visa bulletin is a monthly report issued by the Department of State that serves as a guide for visa issuance. Family-sponsored preference cases are divided into several categories depending on relationship and country of origin and each category receives a set number of visas annually. Once the quota is met, however, and the number of visa petitions surpasses that of the visas available, a waiting list is created. In the alternate calendar of the visa bulletin for siblings in Mexico, the State Department is still getting through petitions first submitted in 1997, meaning the 18 years that Eladia waited to have her brother and his family here is the standard when it comes to our current system of legal family immigration.

When Eladia first sent a petition for her brother Jesus in 1997, he was just 27 years old and newly married to his wife Angelica. In the 18 years that have since passed, Eladia’s family expanded to include two nephews and one niece. One benefit to this visa bulletin system is that it allows derivative family members to join onto the principal immigrant’s petition, which means that Jesus’ family was allowed to stay together in their journey to the United States and in his long-awaited reunification with his sister Eladia.

Once a visa becomes available, there are multiple steps to be taken which includes a final interview in the consulate of the home country. For Jesus and his family, this meant taking an 18 hour bus ride from their home town of Totatiche, Jaliso all the way to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua for their medical exams, background checks and final interviews. Upon receiving their residency-approvals from the consulate in Mexico, the family then made the trip across the border into El Paso, Texas where the brother-in-law of Eladia was waiting to pick them up and to bring them to Colorado. Jesus and his family entered the United States lawfully as legal permanent residents, commonly referred to as LPRs or green card holders.

By the time they arrived, it was late at night and they weren’t sure what they would wake up to in the morning. All five of them recall how difficult it was to sleep that first night here. The weeks that followed were just as much of a blur as they were adjusting to new schedules, jobs and classes. When I met with Jesus and his family they had just reached their one month’s anniversary in Colorado.

Both Jesus and Angelica were able to quickly find jobs and are busy working six days a week. Gustavo and Xitllalit started school right away and their eldest, Nicolas, whom had already graduated high school in Mexico is awaiting the start of his first semester of college. Nicolas will be attending Aurora Community College in the spring of 2016 and hopes to begin studies in a tech-based career. During his down time this semester he has been helping out around the house and with his younger siblings. Gustavo is currently in 11th grade at Cherokee Trail high school and Xitllalit is in 7th grade at Fox Middle School. Some of the biggest differences that Xitllalit and Gustavo note about schools here in the United States are that the buildings are much bigger, with lots of hallways and many different classrooms. In Mexico their school buildings were much smaller and most of their classes where taught out of the same room. Furthermore, all their classes here are taught in English. While they took English classes in Mexico, they are now fully immersed in the language and are learning quickly. They both agree that their first days were a bit overwhelming at first, but they are adapting quickly and are eager to learn and get more involved with all the activities and clubs their schools have to offer.

As they listen to their children gush about their new lives here in the United States, Jesus and Angelica smile and you can tell that it gives them great joy to hear that their children are happy here. They look forward to the new opportunities that both they and their children will have in the U.S.

Please welcome with us Jesus, Angelica, Nicolas, Gustavo and Xitllalit to our beautiful state of Colorado.

National Migration Week

January 3-9 2016

National Migration Week (NMW) was designated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops over 25 years ago and is a time to remember that immigration is a human issue involving real people and real obligations which impact human life and dignity.

This year the theme for NMW is:

A Stranger and You Welcomed Me

Migrants whom move from one country to another are met with unfamiliar territories, languages and customs and often need the support of local communities so that they may better adjust to their surroundings. This year’s NMW picks up on this theme and calls on each of us to welcome the stranger among us.

Since 1974, Catholic Charities Immigration Services (CCIS) has provided low-cost legal assistance in immigration matters to low-income and indigent immigrants throughout Colorado. We not only focus on direct legal services, but also in providing on-going opportunities to learn about immigration law, rights and remedies through our education and outreach efforts.

“I know that it is not easy to have to move and find a new home, new neighbors and new friends. The good thing is that we also make new friends. We meet people who open doors for us, who are kind to us. They offer us friendship and understanding, and they try to help us not to feel like strangers. To feel at home.”

-Pope Francis

Address to children at Our Lady Queen of Angels School, New York, September 25, 2015




La Semana Nacional de la Migración fue designada por United States Conference of Catholic Bishops más de 25 años atrás y nos provee con una oportunidad para acordarnos que la inmigración es un asunto humano que involucra personas verdaderas y obligaciones verdaderas que impactan a la vida y a la dignidad humana.

Este año, el tema para NMW es:

Fui Forastero y Me Recogisteís

Migrantes quienes se mudan de un país para otro a menudo se enfrentan con territorios, idiomas y costumbres desconocidos y necesitan el apoyo de los vecindarios para que puedan adaptarse mejor. Este año, recogen este tema y nos instan a dar la bienvenida al extranjero entre nosotros.

Desde 1974, Caridades Católicas Servicios de Inmigración (CCIS) ha proveído asistencia de bajo costo en asuntos de inmigración a inmigrantes de bajo ingreso por el estado de Colorado. No solamente enfocamos en servicios directos sino también en el proveer oportunidades frecuentes para nuestra comunidad a que aprenda sobre la ley de inmigración, los derechos y remedios a través de nuestros esfuerzos educativos.

“Sé que no es fácil tener que mudarse y encontrar un nuevo hogar, nuevos vecinos y nuevos amigos. Lo bueno es que también trabamos nuevas amistades. Nos encontramos con personas que abren puertas para nosotros, que son amables con nosotros. Ellos nos ofrecen amistad y el entendimiento, y tratan de ayudar a que no nos sentimos como extraños. Para sentirse como en casa “.
-Papa Francisco

Discurso a niños en la escuela Our Lady Queen of Angels, Nueva York, 25 septiembre 2015