Emergency Assistance

You can only afford to pay ONE: Your daughter’s lunch or the electric bill.

What would you choose?
Who would you turn to?

When emergency hits…

Unexpected emergencies can require heartbreaking decisions.

What is an Emergency?

  • Hospitalization after a car accident
  • Job loss in a rough economy
  • Victimized by crime and subsequent legal battle
  • Assisting relatives leaves THEM empty-handed
  • Devastating diagnosis of disease
  • Death of their loved one or caretaker

A choice you should never have to make…

Unexpected emergencies can make it impossible to pay for basic needs, forcing a family to choose between paying routine bills like rent and utilities - or buying life’s basic necessities, like food and life-saving medication.

How we help

Our program provides one-time assistance to families and individuals who can prove a state of emergency. Our assistance is often financial, but can also address needs for prescription assistance or other service referrals.

Our average financial assistance payment is $379.

Each region is different

Catholic Charities offer a unique program of emergency assistance in each of our four regions.

Click on any of the regions below to learn more:

  • Weld County (Serving Greeley and the surrounding region)

How can you help?