Donate a Vehicle to Catholic Charities

Even if it doesn't run, your car still does good!

Money that is raised from our Catholic Charities of Denver Vehicle Donation Program helps to fund programs at Catholic Charities such as emergency assistance, family services and our homeless shelters.

Not only will you be helping your community, but your donation will also allow you to take a charitable contribution on your itemized Federal tax return.  Due to tax law changes, the amount of your contribution is tied directly to the amount received from the sale or use of your vehicle.

We partner with Colorado non-profit Cars for Charity to offer you an easy, hassle-free way to donate your vehicle. To learn more about Cars for Charity, or to donate a vehicle, please call 1-866-841-2024.


For more information about car donations, please contact Dan Griebenaw at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 720-377-1373.