Wading through the waters in Evans after the Colorado floods

Rose Mary Vargas and her husband, Rosendo, had lived in the Eastwood Village Mobile Home Park in Evans, Colo., since 2005. Rose Mary, who was home alone with her Chihuahua dog on Sept. 13, 2013, said she had a few minutes to evacuate before an estimated six-foot high wall of raging flood waters from the overflowing South Platte River lifted her prefabricated home off the foundation.

The 153 homes in the park were destroyed and the area has been condemned.

The following day, Rose Mary’s grandson, Dion Osborne, 16, waded through neck-high water to retrieve her diabetes medicine and some clothes. Her son-in-law, Murigo, dug through mud and miraculously found Rose Mary’s wedding ring that had been on her bedroom dresser. The family lost almost everything but a few clothes and small items. Rose Mary received help for her family from the Catholic Charities distribution center in Greeley, Colo., on Sept. 27 and shared her story on Sept. 30.

“It was Sept. 13, that’s when the flood happened, and we were having breakfast and the men that were watching the water came and said: Did I know we were under evacuation? And they said to leave. So I took my dog and I left. A day later my grandson wasn’t happy because I didn’t have my medication for my diabetes. And he said, ‘No Grandma, we have to do something.’ So, he sneaked in there, got my medication, got me some clothes and he got whatever he wanted and he walked in that water. "

"And when he was walking he had two bags over his shoulders coming out. He is my little angel...We’re going to go on from there, that’s all I can say. Starting from the bottom, you know.”