Knights of Columbus step up to provide disaster relief in Colorado

Catholic Charities volunteer Dan Smith was the first to arrive at a distribution center in Greeley, Colo., on Sept. 30. From two large semis parked near St. Mary’s Catholic Church, he helped unload items to the vehicles of flood survivors.

“Most of them are kind of traumatized from the flooding and they need any help they can get and we try to give it to them, “ said Smith of Knights of Columbus Council 2160 in Greeley. “They had counselors here that work with them getting them what they need, whether that’s supplies or gift cards, financial aid” or mental health assistance later.

Smith and other Knights have been helping at the distribution center at St. Mary's since late September.

John Blaskowski (pictured above) and his wife moved to Weld County, Colo., recently from Florida to be closer to family. He helped his new community by volunteering at the Catholic Charities distribution site, helping provide supplies to survivors of the flood.

“They’re very grateful for what we’re doing and they certainly need everything,” he said. “Most of them have been completely wiped out. They have their car to get back and forth but that’s about all. But it’s really nice to be able to help somebody.”

Fellow Knight Ramon Medina also served the need.

“I volunteer because I enjoy helping other people with misfortune. I know around the world there is a whole bunch of them. I’m glad we can help here. I mean, it’s tragic what happened but I want to help people so they don’t have tragedy. All the Knights they love to help and that’s what the Knights are all about: sharing and helping out.”

Of the survivors, he said, “We’re hearing that most of them want cleaning stuff to see if they can salvage their home or their trailer. Most of them they want food and they give them vouchers and stuff and whatever we have here, like necessities for the home: like toilet paper, crackers, paper towels, blankets and soup. And lots of cleaning stuff...”