Our Agency Leadership

Board of Directors

William E. Keefe, Chairman
Matthew J. Lynett, Vice Chair
Patrick M. Brady, Treasurer
Nancy Bauman, Secretary
Jeffrey Beuche, At-Large

Rev. Msgr. Jorge De los Santos
Karleen B. Goerke
Father Michael Carvill
Deacon William Hastings
Shelly Saeman
Theresa Weber
Candace Whitaker Kelly
Ralph Kreitler
Jesus "Jesse" Lopez
Michael L. O'Donnell
Thomas A. Schwein
Laurie Vargas

Executive Staff

Laurence "Larry" Smith, Chief Executive Officer & President
Wayne Wolberg, Chief Financial Officer
Geoff Bennett, Vice President, Shelter and Community Outreach
Jan McIntosh, Vice President, Family and Child Services 
Wendy Oldenbrook, Director of Marketing and Communication
Tom Wanzeck, Director, Business Services
Catherine Vannerson, Director, Archdiocesan Housing

Communications/Media Relations

Wendy Oldenbrook
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